The DISC type and personality profile

Anyone who has gotten an unsolicited and irrelevant response related to something he/she has said or not said, has done or not done… knows  that creepy feeling that “something went wrong.”

This is particularly true with regard to business interactions, sometimes misunderstandings and the incomprehension of your interlocutor’s behavior deteriorate relationships.

Good interpretation of the client’s non-verbal communication is one way of reading him. Another way is through the understanding of his communication skills commonly referred to as personality styles.

A personality style describes a person’s usual behavior. In any human interaction, mirroring the style of your vis-à-vis is key to enhance the communication.

The DISC type and personality profile is a simple and efficient personal behavior assessment tool to improve communication, teamwork, work productivity…

DISC is the acronym for Dominant, Influential, Stable, Conscientious. The model assesses people’s profiles according to these four components.

The pie chart below represents the easy way the method classifies four main personality styles.

It’s easy to find relevant information on the topic online. I invite you to follow in the footsteps of William MOULTON MARSTON and Carl Gustav JUNG, the initiators of this accomplished technique.

Have a good day!