Quickly assess the dominant DISC type and personality profile!

You basically only need to observe your interlocutor’s behavior and ask yourself the following two closed questions in order to get a quick evaluation of his/her dominating communication skills[1]:

  • Is he/she extroverted or introvert? That is, is he/she direct or indirect?
  • Is he/she Task or People oriented?
  1. Communication Style:

Direct: outgoing, fast paced, tend to tell… These are the Red (D) and Orange (I) personality styles.

Indirect: introvert, unhurried, tend to ask… These are the Blue (C) and Green (S) personality styles.

  1. Orientation:

Task Oriented: distant, cool, self-contained, in control… These are the Red (D) and Blue (C) personality styles.

People Oriented: social, warm, open, approachable, easily shows his/her emotions… These are the Green (S) and Orange (I) personality styles.

That is to say:

And there you go!

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[1] Please note that several detailed evaluation grids are proposed online